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"To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child."- Cicero, Orator Ad M. Brutum
middle ages letter
What is the Middle Ages?

There was a time when people lived within the walls of castles, in total ignorance, a time when they burned women

rappresentation of a battle
The Crusades, complete history of the conquest of Jerusalem

After almost a thousand years, the crusades continue to fascinate us and make us discuss them. They are often used as an example of Christianity's eagerness to conquer and its inability to accept anything different, or as a defensive war against the Muslims

Emperor Augustus' bust
Res Gestae by Augusto: the work of an emperor

23 September is the anniversary of the birth of Emperor Augustus in 63 BC. Together with his adversary Mark Antony, he was the protagonist of the tumultuous events that burnt Rome after the Ides of March. He ended up marking the city's destiny and writing its future history, becoming absolute ruler of the leading power in the ancient world and demonstrating a precocious political and military talent.

a view of the ancient city of Petra
History of ancient civilizations

Long time ago, before the birth of the states as we know them today, the world was populated by different tribes, cultures and civilizations. In Europe, Africa and Asia around 5,000 B.C. the first urban cultures began to develop while the American continent was occupied by the most ancient tribes of Native Americans such as the Cherokee, Sioux etc... From the observation