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Res Gestae by Augusto: the work of an emperor
Introduction to the metrics of poetry
Division into syllables
Giovanni Pascoli: life, works, poetics
Giovanni Pascoli and onomatopoeia
700 Dante: from the stars of his birth to the origin of his name
Dante Alighieri: life, works, poetics
Dante's nose: anecdotes and legends about the Supreme Poet
The Nun of Monza from The Betrothed according to the 20th century
History of music
Musical forms: how music is made
Baroque music, forms and styles
The origins of Italian Opera
Claudio Monteverdi and the madrigal
Johann Sebastian Bach: life and works
Georg Friedrich Händel: life and works
Dodecaphony: origins and practice
The origins of music
Music at the Court of the Sun King
Ambient music: what it is and how it was born
History of musical writing
Museums and galleries in Italy
Museums and galleries in Italy: Milan
Museums and galleries in Italy: Venice
Painting in Ancient Greece
The Greek temples in Sicily
The Etruscan goldsmith's art
The Tempest by Giorgione
Memento mori in Art
History of the ancient civilizations of the world
The Crusades, complete history of the conquest of Jerusalem
What is the Middle Ages?
The Longobards
Homo homini lupus est